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11 SIMPLE Steps to Prepare for Public Speaking and Presentations

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

If we are asked to do public speaking and presentations which may cause us to feel anxious, I am of the view that the more we prepare ourselves upfront the easier it is on the day.

Before I say a simple yes, I go through below process:

  1. I tend to have a thorough conversation with my manager to ensure I am fully clear on any expectations.

  2. Set up a meeting with your manager and go through all detail

  3. I have attached a free checklist that you can download and use at this meeting to help you stay on track

  4. The more notice you have and the more you prepare the easier it will be

  5. If you feel it is too much or that you have never done it before, this means you are stretching yourself and going outside your comfort zone which is GREAT by the way, you are learning and growing.

  6. Go for it, we all have to do it from time to time and once you start mastering this skills you will feel you have progressed and learnt a new skill.

I dislike when there is a confusion that often can be addressed by simply asking questions that will give me the clarity and guidance I need to ensure I prepare and deliver a good presentation.

I share my experience, tips and suggestions in my YouTube video below and you can also download a FREE checklist to help you prepare for your presentations as and when you are asked to pull one together and present for you to use further from my Digital Store.

If you have any questions, you can send me a short message on Instagram or a longer message to my email -

Best wishes


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