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4 BEST Steps to Influence at Work and Beyond (how to influence)

Tell us about a time when you inspired an individual or team to do something differently or change their point of view?" is a question that comes up very often in job interviews for all levels.

This question assesses our ability to influence, think big, inspire to engage all stakeholders and drives action.

In my personal experience as an HR Business Partner (I work full time and I have worked in a number of organisations and partnered various stakeholders), below approach and questions have worked well for me.

1. The Why. It is important that our stakeholders understand 'the why' certain things are happening and options to resolve them. In order to establish the why, I suggest that we use data, feedback, surveys, research, evidence based approach where available that will back up our concerns, approach and any plans going forward.

2. Build connection first then influence. I am always focused on building relationships first. This gets you far and makes things much easier when it comes to influencing and building credibility to get their buy in. If am aware there will be some difficult stakeholders before an idea/concept is presented to a group, I will often engage with them on a 1:1 basis first to get their initial feedback and views or leave them with it to think about if I am aware they like to reflect before commenting. Any meesage lands much better and I often get support on the day too.

3. Dig deeper. Once the above is established and you have their attention, it is important to engage in a group conversation for wider views and feedback. Behave in a curious way, ask for their views, personal experiences, ideas. I often say "I wonder if we do this or that, what would be the outcome, what do you think..." to get the conversation going and I manage to get my views across this way too. I am always mindful of the tone too. Genuine concerns and being willing to help will be recognised by many.

4. Scenario planning. If this is something I have initiated, I also want to continue to be helpful. I will offer to pull together options and proposals for next meeting where we could collective make some decisions.

Has anything else work for you?

If you would like to discuss further, please book a coffee call with me.

Best wishes


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Influencing at Work

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