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6 EASY STEPS on How to Think Logically

If you ever wondered why someone behaves the way they do but not sure how to approach analysing it, try the Logic Bubble by De Bono (1982).

This analysis must be focused on a specific and clearly described behaviour or set of behaviours under specific circumstances. While technically possible to do a logic analysis which encompasses someone's entire life, it would require whole books to capture the total fund of experience, knowledge etc that informed all of their behaviours under all circumstances.

The 6 steps to performing logic analysis are:

Step 1️⃣ Identify the behaviours that the person uses that you find difficult to understand or predict

Step 2️⃣ If these behaviours are related to specific situations or circumstances, identify them

Step 3️⃣ Brainstorm what that person may know (or believe) that could lead them to choose those particular behaviours. These will be specific knowledge statements (they always ask for more work and volunteer to do extra)rather than broad statements of general knowledge (they have a degree in medicine).

Step 4️⃣ Look at what experiences they may have had that might lead them to behave as they do. Again, be specific and be clear what the connection between the experience and the behaviour might be.

Step 5️⃣ Look at their values. Be specific about the link between the values you refer to and the behaviour you are seeking to understand.

Step 6️⃣ Look at what their aspirations may be, linking those aspirations to the behaviour.

Through observation of the individual's behaviour and listening to them talk, this analysis is the best guess as to what is going on in their head.

The next step is to test your hypothesis by talking to them. If we are right they will respond positively. This means we can carry on with our hypothesis. If they don't respond as we hoped, then we have new data or information to reflect on in order to modify our assumptions and update the Logic Analysis.

Source: De Bono's Thinking Course.

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