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Awakening Phase, Time to Take Control of My Life | What Are You Waiting For? | 2021 and beyond

I have had so many thoughts and reflections about not just 2020, but rather all of my childhood, teenage years, how I have matured over time and now a wife and mother in my late 30s. I suspect many of us have been going through the same process, simply trying to make some sense, reflect, focus and move on.

I did not want to write a blog that is too long, but rather as it says in the name of my website, how I am planning to focus myself going forward. I do need a structured plan, otherwise I will be just flying around like a lifeless fly, waiting for a moment to get squashed.

First of all, have you watched Less is Now by the Minimalists on Netflix? Well, let me tell you that I have been following the Minimalists' guys for over a year now. I am not a minimalist myself just as yet, but I do dislike with passion this consumerism we seem to have here in the Western Europe and beyond. Buy buy buy and buy some more! You literally can order anything online and get it on your door step either on the same day or the following day. How crazy is all this?! It can become seriously addictive if not controlled.

I will aim to spend money on education, learning, professional development and knowledge. This has never failed or disappointed me. This looks like a good pledge to me!

Day 1 | 1.1.21 | Awakening Phase and Back to Basics
To Shopping | Essentials only please!

My day started with a morning coffee and watching Less is Now. I have been spending less and less over the years but this year will not be about going to a gym, losing weight and usual false promises we tend to make to ourselves every 1 January. It will be all about essential items only. Investing only in learning and upskilling myself to be a well rounded human being! I have made a decision I think to myself. I better not disappoint myself.

This pandemic has been an eye opener for many, I hope at least. Focus only on essentials! You may remember a principle 'want vs need', well, the new principle is now 'essential vs non essential'. Let's go back to basic needs, in order to live, survive and grow. Some of you may be familiar with the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. If you do not know about Maslow, please look him up, you won't be disappointed. This concept started in 1943 and it is still so relevant today. Back to basics!

Day 2 | 2.1.2021 | Still Awakening Phase | What Is In It For Me?!
To Social Media and My Phone | Turn off all notifications and use it as means of communication as originally intended rather than a toy that wastes your valuable time that you will not get back

Are you a slave to your notifications or do you turn them all off and check them when it's convenient for you?

I have decided to leave all notifications off apart from calls when I am at work just in case my son's school needs to call me and when at home too. All apps notifications are officially disabled and many apps deleted. I have never had Twitter, I have Facebook which I have used ever since it was launched (I personally think Facebook in a decade or so will be finally a thing of the past as younger generation do not download it and older generation is slowly but surely getting done with social media) and I have a Focus Yourself page on Instagram which I rarely use to be honest. I am aware Tik Tok is popular, however, I will not download it as it is not 'my cup a tea' as Brits say it. Do not even get me started on commercials, ads, haunting you wherever you click and whatever you open. This felt so good! Try it!

I find it all odd that we have to control ourselves around these phones and how much they rule our world. Let's use them for what they were originally intended, to actually communicate when we need to rather than spend hours on it scrolling up and down. If you are not sure how much time you spend on it, please go into your settings to check, you will be surprised to see how many hours a day/week/month get wasted. You will wonder what else you could have done more productively that really adds value to your personal every day life. Ask yourself, what is in it for me?!

Please also watch Social Dilemma on Netflix, it is such an eye opener and my son's favourite movie Wall-E. It sends a message to us all around rubbish and environment if we are not careful enough.

What works for you? How do you cope?

Day 3 - 3.1.21 - Focus Yourself Taking Control of My Life
My Family, My Life, My Career and Adding Value Where I Can

This is it for me. My family, my life and my career, helping those in need and adding value where I can. There is nothing else that motivates me or that would make me more happy to be truthfully honest.

I am proud to say, I know who I am, I know what makes me happy, motivates and drives me to succeed every day. I now know what books I like, I have my favourite programmes, I have my favourite movies and songs. I have shared with my husband today how I did not know any of this when I was younger and how I have struggled to relax. Having reflected on my childhood, growing up, teenage years, being a young adult to now I am in my late 30s (a few more years before I hit 40!). I am finally at peace with myself.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and for you to be at peace with yourself. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Best wishes as always


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