About me - How a passion for something can turn your life around

Updated: May 11, 2019

This is so true! 2004-2008 - I was a Serbian law student and had my career life planned. I was going to graduate from a law school and become a lawyer. However, my big passion was actually English language, I loved it. I was using every opportunity to save money and buy English dictionaries. Please don't ask me why I did not study English, it just did not happen for me. When you are 18 years old and have to make some early 'what do I want to be' choices, I decided to stay in my home town and study law. I graduated in 2008.

I met a lovely Englishman by accident in 2008 who I fell in love with it and that is how my life journey started. I guess my love for English language paid off and the Universe sent me an Englishman who I could talk to every day in English! Ha! I moved to England in 2009 and had a lot to sort out in terms of understanding the new country, new legal system, rules, where I could work and what roles I could actually do as a young law graduate from another country...10 years later, I am still here, ready to share my work experience and my career journey in the UK. I have a lot of tips and tools that have worked for me and how I continued to learn and develop as a person. My aspiration for my blogs and this website is to add value to your search for work experience and help you pursue meaningful careers that matter to you in the UK on a both career and personal level. I have ended up having a successful career in HR - Human Resources - and hope you will find my website and blog page useful as a reference point and inspiration to focus and aim high. If you are yet to work out your passion for something, that's ok. I hope my blogs can assist on the way! If you are interested in hearing more, please subscribe below and/or contact me directly.

I enjoy being able to empower and inspire people achieve their personal dreams. It is important to embrace our strengths and weaknesses and take them to another level. Confidence and self-belief are a key to any success.

Best wishes


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