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How Does an HR Business Partner Add Value to Any Business?

When I graduated from a law school and started working as a paralegal, I was unaware of HR (Human Resources) as a career option.

I was simply unaware of what it was and how it adds value to a business. Through my work experience, I met many HR professionals who were our clients. I was very curious about their roles, what they did, how you can support a business etc. I also learnt that there are HR directors on a 6 figure salary and wondered how one could become an HR Director.

I made a decision to change my career from law to HR.

I have quickly learnt that HR professionals are teachers and educators to business leaders and managers. They possess knowledge and tools that can help any business:

  • be successful,

  • avoid issues and challenges that could be as a result of unproductive workforce,

  • proactive,

  • up to date,

  • predictive,

  • critical friend

  • trusted adviser and

  • consultant

I have also learnt about HR structures (that do vary from an organisation to organisation) and the role of HR Business Partner became my ideal position to aspire to.

HR Business Partners add value and partner:

  • senior leadership teams

  • heads of departments, directors or executive leads

  • proactive role rather than reactive (looking ahead)

  • predict problems and issues by working with data and insights

  • coach, challenge and consult leaders (and sometimes managers)

Business partnering simply means you spend a lot of time with your allocated business area, you understand their challenges and issues, you are part of their leadership team, you know their customers and how they add value to an overall business.

This is where an HR Business Partner can truly add value to any business.

  1. We can effectively contract with our business areas as to how we can support them best.

  2. We can assess businesses through what they can run with, what they can improve and what they can transform that will have both direct and indirect impact on the overall success of their department and overall organisation

  3. We can give senior leadership teams ideas and improve their business through people, better people plans, structures/organisation design and roles, engagement and learning.

  4. We can understand and influence their overall people costs, people data, rewards, benefits and ensure they are a profitable business.

The main goal is to be proactive rather than reactive. Forward looking and strategic.

If you are interested in HR in general and HR Business Partner role, you can sign up for my upcoming HR Business Partner course launching in May 2022.

  • Module 1 | Introduction to a business/department. Contracting with stakeholders. Assessment of a business/department.

  • Module 2 | Influencing and challenging stakeholders. Creating, designing and innovating [including how to create business cases, organisational design, people plans]

  • Module 3 | Commercial Drive. Data analytics. Finances.

If you would like to discuss further book a coffee call with me.

Best wishes


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