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How to Build Effective and Productive Relationships at Work and Beyond

I would like to share with you a 4 C Model I was taught long time ago as part of my coaching training as an HR Business Partner. I have used this model (and adapted it further) for many situations not only for coaching conversations but also for establishing working relationships where I work closely with certain stakeholders. Sadly, I do not who created it first to give credit where credit is due. If you do please let me know.

Structure and terms how we are going to work together is important to me. It minimises confusion and helps both parties be clear on what to expect from each other next time they speak. I often call this contracting. This approach has helped me build effective work relationships.

The adapted 4C model for contracting with your stakeholders rather than coaching conversations is as follows:

Contact | It seeks to establish why we need to work together in the first place. So in my example, as an HRBP, it is all about who I partner, which senior leadership team, departments and business areas. I am technically mapping my key stakeholders before I start in my new role or often review existing work relationships where I need to re contract.

Contract | This is all about establishing roles and responsibilities, expectations and objectives of working together. This is the most important part in this model as it will avoid any confusion who will do what and give me clarity I need to work effectively.

Conversation | This is all about when, how, how many times we need to speak to each other and what we will discuss in each meeting. I always agree a standard agenda upfront as a conversation starter and you can all add/change later on as things develop.

Conclusion | This is a summary of our each conversation, actions and next steps that are used again when we meet next. I list them in our regular meeting invites for easy access as and when needed.

I have created a similar blog on this model before which includes a video you can find on YouTube below.

If you would like to discuss it further, please book a coffee call with me

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How to Build Effective Relationships at Work

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