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How to Gain Confidence and Get Interviewers to Offer You the Job

If you are invited to attend a job interview, you CAN most definitely get the job. Yes, you CAN! I would like to share with you some key tips that have helped and worked for me to date.


I have talked about preparation in my other blogs, however, I cannot emphasise enough how important this is to build your confidence. You need to equip yourself with knowledge about the organisation, challenges that they are facing internally and externally, competitors, their reputation on social media, anything you can get your hands on that is published and easily found on their website, LinkedIn or google. The more you research the better for you. Knowledge is power. You need to feel relaxed and confident at your interview and knowledge will enable you to do so. You will most definitely tick all the right behaviours if you prepare well.

My suggestion is to say something along these lines:

"Based on my research, or having spoken to you (i.e. a hiring manager), I can see/understand that you are faced with following challenges...and this is how I could continue to add value/assist further"


"Based on my reasonable assumptions, I anticipate that you are potentially going through a period of change and need someone who can hit the ground running, provide you with reassurances/ideas as to how to improve your customer services/sales figures etc".

Your passion will shine through believe me!

I have two blogs around 6 most common and easy interview questions and answers and 6 most difficult questions and answers that may assist in your preparation.

DO NOT TALK YOURSELF OUT OF IT | The Imposter Syndrome

Please do not cancel the job interview or think you will not get the job because you only meet for example 70% of the job requirements. You have been shortlisted, so you CAN most certainly also get the job.

There is something called the Imposter Syndrome that does this to all of us. If you have not heard about this before, I suggest that you google it for more information. My favourite article around this can be found here - The Reality of Imposter Syndrome. However, in a nutshell it is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalise their accomplishments. This may then leave us thinking we do not deserve the success we have had, that we are a fraud and do not deserve to be offered the job.

I have done so many interviews myself as a candidate and also as part of an interview panel where I interviewed candidates for many roles. In any business world where time is super valuable, I would like to reassure you that any interview panel would not certainly waste their time and would not invite you if they did not think you could not do the job. So let me repeat myself again, yes, you CAN get the job!


So I talked about preparation and how you should do your home work about the organisation to be in the know. However, this is your opportunity to demonstrate how you also think on your feet and show case your strategic skillset. Your potential needs to shine through. This will most certainly impress any interview panel. You could also make sure you have a few answers ready from your past work experience and share it with the interview panel. This could be anything, however, I can share a few example to prompt you into the right direction, please see below:

1. How you used data to inform your decision making and any action plans that were put in place as a result of it

2. How you volunteered to be a project lead and how you helped the organisation deliver on their promises and deadlines

3. How you managed to turn an internal or external business conflict into an opportunity for departments/organisations to work more collaboratively together

and so on and on...I hope you get the gist!

If you have no relevant examples to share, you could also share your thoughts as to what you would do or put in place in order to answer the question. This will really demonstrate your thinking, potential and how you operate under pressure.

I have a blog about how to create postive and personal impact at work and outside work that you may find helpful.


This is pretty much your final step of this mock interview process. Think about what you would like to know if you were interviewing yourself in order to answer this question.

I always want my interview panel to know following about me:

  1. I understand the organisation and their current challenges

  2. how I work, my working style, how I build relationships

  3. provide reassurance that I am a quick learner and happy to roll up my sleeves.

What about you? What impressions do you want to leave after the job interview?

If you need any help or you would like to have a further conversation with me around this topic, please consider booking 1:1 Upgrade Yourself | Career Coaching sessions HERE.

If you have any questions, please sign up as a member/subscribe to my website below and/or send me an email on You can also find me on Instagram at @yourself.focus, Facebook at @focusyourself. I have also created a Facebook group - Career changes and consultation group you may wish to join.

Best wishes


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