Why Is Asking For Help So Hard? Ask WHO not HOW instead.

This is something I have been thinking about for a very long time. We often want help and would like someone to talk to but we often feel we do not want to disturb other people or ask for help. We often think we can do it on our own. However, it is difficult to do anything on our own, ask any business owner, work colleague or a friend or a family member. Having a support mechanism around you, a person or more who we can confide in and have those private conversations is more than ever needed not just for our mental health and wellbeing but to actually feel alive. We think we can do things on our own and I am sometimes guilty of it, but reaching out to your friends and family, online acquaintances, my Facebook group for career changes and HR consultation etc, is another great way to get many perspectives. It will give you some food for thought and get you thinking for sure. You may find a mentor, someone to talk to from time to time about your problems and ideas.

There is no need for you to go through this unnecessary pain on your own. No matter what you’re struggling with, there’s probably someone you know (or know of) that’s brilliant at it.

Ben Hardy put this brilliantly in his book - Ask ‘Who?’ not ‘How?’ (*affiliate link)

So instead of asking “How can I do this?”, I’ve started to think “Who do I know who can help me with this?” whenever I’m trying something new.

So two things I’d like to leave you with today are:

  1. What is something you’re currently working on you could ask someone for help with?

  2. How can you supercharge your connections with people through the internet or otherwise?

Let me know your thoughts and if anything else has worked for you.

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Sanja Williams


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