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My name is Sanja Williams.  I am a law graduate and an experienced HR professional. I live and work in in England, the UK

I am passionate about law, HR, psychology, personal and career developmenet. I have also started my YouTube channel where I create videos about above topics as well as about living and working in England. Please subscribe if you are interested in above content. 

I also write blogs. My blogs are actually guides, with templates, draft emails to amend further and based on my professional and educational experience in the UK. However, they are useful regardless of where you live. I have helped many people worldwide and continue to build a useful and supportive network of people who are interested in their personal and career development.


You are welcome to join us and you can find us on Facebook- Career Changes and Consultation Group. 

In my blog guides and videos I also create motivational content about work-life balance, stress management, mental health, workplace psychology, diversity and inclusion, and other topics related to personal and social aspects of career development. I offer a complimentary 30 minute career conversation and other 1:1 sessions that you can book HERE.

My promise to you: I will strive to make every conversation and workshop a memorable and useful experience where you can share your wishes, ambition, gaps you believe you have and potentially network with people in the similar situation to yours. We can discuss challenges you come across and I am happy to share mine, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content so you do not lose your focus.  

Natasha, Switzerland 

I met Sanja when I was looking for an HR or head hunter that will assist me in preparation for an English interview. Sanja enabled me to analyze the interview from the employer's point of view. I finely understood the true meaning behind the questions and what was expected from me. Thanks to Sanja's professional guidance, I learned how to present my self in a very professional and confident way.

I highly recommend Sanja and her blog. She changed my life.

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Recently I had a meaningful career conversation with Sanja about my background, aspirations and the UK job market. She is very knowledgeable, insightful, motivational and empathetic. She has provided professional advice and excellent support in shaping my CV and cover letter. She has also pointed me in the right direction and motivated me to go above and beyond. I highly recommend her, she a fantastic coach!

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Priya, Malaysia

Sanja's blog is a helpful and useful guide especially for individuals who are looking to improve themselves both personally and professionally. Her blog has ample short reads but practical ideas that helps one to be better at what they do. I have known Sanja through a public support group for woman since May 2019, and she is a kind, understanding, knowledgable and consistent person I've met. Focus Yourself is a source of motivation andnhelp in small and big ways.

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