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I am Sanja Williams. I am an HR professional and Researcher on the Future of Work, Digital Creator and (trying to be) a YouTuber.

On this website, I cover content and tools that are centred around helping you with your work productivity and work hacks, personal and career development, psychology, neuroscience hacks that aim to help us work smarter, better and happier. My goal is for you to realise your potential and do something about it. 

Everything that schools and universities don't cover in great detail. 


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Natasha, Switzerland 

I met Sanja when I was looking for an HR or head hunter that will assist me in preparation for an English interview. Sanja enabled me to analyse the interview from the employer's point of view. I finely understood the true meaning behind the questions and what was expected from me. Thanks to Sanja's professional guidance, I learned how to present my self in a very professional and confident way.

I highly recommend Sanja and her website. She changed my life.

Recently I had a meaningful career conversation with Sanja about my background, aspirations and the UK job market. She is very knowledgeable, insightful, motivational and empathetic. She has provided professional advice and excellent support in shaping my CV and cover letter. She has also pointed me in the right direction and motivated me to go above and beyond. I highly recommend her, she a fantastic coach!

Julia, England

I came across Sanja through her fantastic Youtube videos on all things HR. I love how many actionable tips she shares in short, easy to digest videos. I have had multiple calls with Sanja who has offered really valuable career advice and shared useful resources for me to read through following our calls. Sanja also helped me to prep for an interview for a People Lead role, and she not only gave great tips, she also helped to build my confidence having been made redundant whilst on maternity leave. I highly recommend Sanja as a great coach as she is really knowledgeable within all things People/HR. 

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