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Who Are We

This course is for aspiring and current HR Business Partners who want to take their HR skills to another level. I deliver this course on a 1:1 basis and cohort based course (up to 5 participants only) every month. I would like to teach you everything I have learnt over the last 10 years in a condensed, to the point, easy to understand approach. Hopefully this will help you become an effective and productive HR Business Partner who is proud of their work and career. 

This practical course will give you all you need to develop business credibility and agility, the skills to build effective relationships across your organisation, plus the knowledge and confidence to prove your expertise and how we, as HR professionals, add value in a constantly changing business world. 

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The first HRBP course will focus on following modules [with relevant templates and exercises] with many other modules to be added. In my experience below modules are a great starter to focus on: 


Module 1 | Introduction to a business/department. Contracting with stakeholders. Assessment of a business/department. 

Module 2 | Influencing and challenging stakeholders. Creating, designing and innovating, including how to create business cases, organisational design, people plans. 

Module 3 | Commercial Drive. Data analytics. Finances.  

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