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🎒This is a business restructure toolkit only in Office (no other tools included) if you are leading on, coordinating and managing restructures in your roles. Often restructues can be messy and confusing who does what, this will simplify it for you and help you manage it proactively. This restructure toolkit is something I have used in the UK but please adapt it further to suit your needs and check your local country HR/best practice, rules and legislation when restructing in your organisations. You can amend this toolkit easily. You may wish to download a project management template from my digital store to accompy this toolkit. 


N - Notion link to download to your dashboard is getting finalised, if you download it before I add Notion link, I will email you the link seperately. 


You can watch a full Youtube video where I mention this tool and a few other here. 


☕️ If you need a chat about it and restructures you are leading on - please book a coffee call with me. 


📝 If you need to send me an email please do on - 


Best wishes


Business Restructure Toolkit

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