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This is an HR (People) Insights Data Report and Analysys Template that we often have to pull together in HR. This is something I cannot do my job without, it gives me the confidence to do my job and attend senior meetings comfortably and confidently. Tweak it further to suit your needs. You can use it every month or every quarter subject to meetings you attend. Always try to get a monetary value/loss as it generates relevant attention you need, your colleagues in finance can help you work out relevant numbers. In my view HR needs to behave sometimes like finance in order to generate the focus and respect we need to get our job done effectively and confidently. 


Discuss with your managers and leaders first to establish what they would like to see in terms of HR/People data on a regular basis. 


☕️ Book a  1:1 with me if you would like us to review it together and help you tailor it to your need - work coach on demand option. 


📩 Send me an email if you have any questions - 


Best wishes


HR (People) Data Report and Analysis Template

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