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🎯 This is a meeting toolkit with a few templates for you to use and tweak further for management of your meetings. You will get a zip folder with a template for your governance/project meetings word template and slide deck/power point presentation agenda/meeting tracker template for you to tweak further. See 2nd picture. PLUS NOTION template link to download to your workspace if you are a Notion user. You can find it in a meeting etiquette document. 


The meeting etiquette checklist documet that can be adapted as a policy if you are keen to develop one where you currently work, poster or infographic. 


📩You can also download a project management toolkit that has a lot more sections for managing a project with risk and meetings tab with filters and drop down menu for easier reporting and management of your projects. 


 ðŸ’ŒIf you have any questions please email on 


☕️ You can always book a coffee call with me to discuss your current focus, challenges and plans in your role. 


Best wishes


Meeting Toolkit

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