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🎯This zip folder contains 3 documents. They are clearly labelled in which order you need to read them and how to use them. They are for all aspiring Organisation Design consultants and HR professionals who would like to do more of this work or currently not sure how to approach but want to develop in this area. You can also use this to lead on creating an organisation design toolkit for your organisations. 


📝 The documents are: 

Step 1 - What to do when phases with business changes that may require organisation design/re design (business change, perfomance challenges and merger) 

Step 2 - Tools to use 

Step 3 - Organisation Design methodologies and process to apply to your organisation design projects that will help you facilitate relevant senior leadership meetings


☕️ Please book a call with me if you have queries and would like me to take you through it and need help to adapt one in your work place by booking a slot via Work Coach on Demand option. 


💌 If you have any queries please email me on 

Best wishes


Organisation Design Toolkit

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