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🎯 This is a talent management framework if you are looking to establish a talent management process in your current organisation as a new initative OR even if you have a current talent management framework process in place and looking to improve it. All documents can be edited and amended further easily. 


🎒 You will find in this toolkit: 


1. Talent management framework template to amend further and adapt to your organisation 

2. Guide for managers, leaders and HR to follow when doing talent and succession planning

3. Succession planning and 9 grid box template 

4. One page talent framework strategy to amend further 

5. One page talent mapping cycle to amend further 

6. Performance ratings indicators if needed (use with care) 


☕️ Book a video call with me - work coach on demand option - if you need to discuss it further and how to start with it in your current workplace. 


📝 Send me an email if you have any queries on  


Best wishes


All in One Talent Management Framework and Tools For You to Amend Further

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