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How to Draft an OKR-Based People Strategy in 5 Seconds

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I am sure you all have heard by now or at least seen some references to ChatGPT. This amazing chat bot, AI tool created by OpenAI. It is free to use for now, so register and have a look. It is fab but remember the better your questions and prompts the better the answers you receive.

I have asked ChatGPT the following questions:

Can you draft a people strategy with 5 objectives, key results and key initiatives against each?

ChatGPT literally wrote below People Strategy in less than 5 seconds.

1. Objective: Attract and retain top talent

Key Results:

  • Increase employee retention rate by 10%

  • Reduce time to fill open positions by 15%

  • Increase employee satisfaction score by 8%

Key Initiatives:

  • Implement a comprehensive employee benefits program

  • Develop a robust onboarding process for new hires

  • Create opportunities for professional development and career advancement

2. Objective: Build a diverse and inclusive workforce

Key Results:

  • Increase representation of underrepresented groups in leadership roles by 15%

  • Increase employee engagement score for underrepresented groups by 10%

  • Reduce incidents of discrimination and bias by 20%

Key Initiatives:

  • Implement a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion training program

  • Develop mentorship and sponsorship programs for underrepresented groups

  • Increase recruitment efforts from underrepresented communities

3. Objective: Improve employee engagement and productivity

Key Results:

  • Increase employee engagement score by 10%

  • Increase productivity by 15%

  • Reduce absenteeism by 10%

Key Initiatives:

  • Implement a comprehensive employee engagement survey

  • Develop a flexible work policy

  • Increase opportunities for employee recognition and rewards

4. Objective: Improve employee health and wellness

Key Results:

  • Increase employee participation in wellness programs by 20%

  • Reduce employee healthcare costs by 15%

  • Increase employee satisfaction with healthcare benefits by 10%

Key Initiatives:

  • Implement a comprehensive employee wellness program

  • Increase access to mental health resources

  • Provide opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating

5. Objective: Enhance employee learning and development

Key Results:

  • Increase employee participation in learning and development opportunities by 20%

  • Increase employee satisfaction with learning and development opportunities by 10%

  • Increase employee retention by 15%

Key Initiatives:

  • Implement a comprehensive employee development program

  • Increase access to e-learning resources

  • Develop a mentorship program

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

So what next?

It is a great start that clearly needs to be adapted further. It acts as your personal research assistant. However, it doesn't have a lived and real experience.

  1. You need to tailor it to your own organisation further. This is just a start to get you going.

  2. You also need to socialise it further and discuss with relevant key members of the team to ensure they feel consulted and had a chance to contribute.

  3. Set up a workshop and agree a strategy and plan together as OKRs which make sense. In my opinion if you present your strategy as OKRs, they are easily understand and no one should question what you do for the organisation.

  4. Share with everyone and measure progress on a monthly/quarterly basis.

  5. Adapt where relevant.

I love it. I am not sure how long it will be free to use. I have read somewhere it may be around $49 a month to use. So let's wait and see.

Let me know if you end up using it.

Send me an email on

Best wishes


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