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Navigating the Evolving World of Work: What You Need to Know

If you work as an employee or a business owner who employs people, I am sure you have noticed there have been so many changes in the world of work. Too many too quickly some may argue.

For example, the rise of remote work and the impact of technology on job roles.

I find that large organisations really struggle with this transition over smaller ones that seem to simply embrace it. Large ones have more leaders and managers to manage who have very different views on how their workplace should be organised and set up.

Many probably don't know how to do it.

We have a once in a century opportunity to create a better future for work. Our chance to reimagine work.

Key concerns seem to be around productivity.

One way to mange this is to change their work delivery model to outcome culture.

Culture east strategy for breakfast. - Peter Drucker.

It is all about changing the workplace not the people.

Key trends

In terms of key trends that are the evolving world of work, the first things that comes to mind is:

  1. Increasing use of automation and AI,

  2. The growth of the gig economy, and

  3. The importance of upskilling and reskilling.

Implications for Employees or Workers

As an employee or a worker, you may be struggling to keep up to speed with so many changes and predictions. You can approach this in 2 steps:

  1. Step 1 - assess and reflect our skill set and

  2. Step 2 - complete an assessment of our roles to understand what can be automated and replaced by new tech.

It is important to focus on our digital and data literacy, the need to be adaptable and flexible and open to learning.

We need to be assessing on a regular basis the state of the world of work, how quickly it is changing and developing and what this world need to ensure our skills can be utilised and charged for.

You can watch another YouTube video of mine, 5 BEST Steps To SUCCESSFUL Career Planning (career advice in 2023), to learn more.

You can also complete a FREE AI Role Impact Self Assessment in Notion I created for us.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform various industries, it's important to assess how it may impact your role and career choices.

This self-assessment in Notion will help you understand the potential impact of AI on your job and identify areas where you can upskill for your skills to remain relevant in the age of AI.

Implications for Employers

These changes have had a huge impact on organisations as our employers. Just like we need to reassess and adapt, organisations also have to do the same.

If organisations want to ensure they are relevant, remain an employer of choice and provide a healthy and thriving work experience, they should focus on:

  1. Upskilling leaders and managers

  2. Invest in employee training and development

  3. Create a culture of agility and innovation

  4. Invest in better ways of working

  5. Use tools and technology to improve productivity and enablement

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