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4 Signs the HR Profession is Changing

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I have worked in HR for the last 10 years.

I have worked in so many different HR operating models. I have learnt so much from effective and ineffective leaders.

HR roles are changing from transactional and operational to more consultant type roles.

What does this even mean? 🤯

It means that we give suggestions, ideas, innovate, create, advice with best and worst case scenarios BUT we do not impose anything on the business or organisation. The business needs to make a decision in consultation with us and other stakeholders to make the best decision.

You can be a consultant in house or in industry which means you work for one organisation on their projects and assignments OR you can work for a consultancy as a consultant that works with clients in public sector.

So in order to be a consultant, this means we don't get attached.

We simply work on projects and assignments and solve their problems by giving them solutions, ideas, business cases, models, methodologies, research, best practice etc

Any people or business strategy is really developed and influenced by the business priorities.

This means they are accountable for the decision they make, not HR!

All business problems are really their problems, not HR problems.

Unfortunately, there are some organisations that would see many people issues as HR issues not their own. HR professionals are still fighting this stance in many organisations.

Any business needs HR to discuss best practice and latest changes.

The evidence is in the recent pandemic. All of a sudden we see new roles, Head of Hybrid Working, Head of Productivity etc.

My new role (that I started in June 2022) is all about assignments and projects. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

My favourite tools are organisational design, business cases, strategic workforce planning (demand, supply), people plans, commercial HR, research. How to simply be ahead of the game?!

My natural approach or style is simplify, add value, solve problems, give ideas, create and innovate, test and take risks.

I have launched a Strategic HR Business Partner Course that is not only for HR. If you ever wanted to become a manager, leader this course is also for you.

I am keen to share my knowledge, experience, organisational examples, models, methodologies, I have used over the last 10 years all in a clear, condensed, easy to understand and above all actionable material.

The Strategic HR Business Partner Course aims to help you TRANSFORM the way you work and deliver, create work that you are PROUD of.

If not ready to sign up now, register your interest here for future cohorts and semi regular emails around HR and business.

If you would like this in more detail or other work challenges, please book a call with me below.

Best wishes all


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